In your quest to find new betting sites, you have most certainly checked out the promotion page or head banner space to see what type of betting bonuses they have to offer. And many times you will stumble upon something called FREE FIXED MATCHES. But what is it and is it actually free of charge with no added commitment attached to it? Well, to be honest, it’s not a yes or no question. In fact, this particular bonus market comes in many shapes and diversity. And can in some cases get claimed by simply signing up. Or it can also trigger by an initial bet, but also be on offer during special sports events. As such, to give you more insight on FREE FIXED MATCHES, we will cover the bonus and explain it in the great scheme of things.

FREE FIXED MATCHES a win-win solution

At first thought as a new punter, you might think, how can they give away FREE FIXED MATCHES and make money? It’s quite simple really, even though that the bet itself it’s free it serves a multipurpose in so many ways. For instance, if one operator has unique FREE FIXED MATCHES, say on the Premier League or Champions League. It will attract many more customers to place their additional bets on that particular site. Essentially bringing more traffic, hence driving more revenue. Another way a sportsbook operator can make use of FREE FIXED MATCHES is on markets that need an extra boost or notification. But, you, as a customer, also walk away as a winner. It’s free; you are normally not risking anything, so take advantage of it when you can. A free bet, while you are choosing your football betting tips, increases your chances of winning.

FREE FIXED MATCHES and its triggers

In rough outlines, FREE FIXED MATCHES come in two main categories. Simply put, are the free sports betting bonus accessible after you first performed an action or is it available without interaction. The FREE FIXED MATCHES that require a trigger could be such things as deposit x amount or place a bet, also known as bet one get one. But, of course, the way they get available is up to the creativity of the campaign team setting up the promotions. On the other hand, FREE FIXED MATCHES that need no activation is usually active after creating an account. Or given away in a promotion series running on the operator’s site, to highlight an event. Although the two main categories set them apart, they always have one thing in common, terms and conditions. Which usually includes minimum odds and wagering requirements to fulfil.


Stake or no stake in FREE FIXED MATCHES

We just felt it was worth mentioning, although the phenomena, stake refund on FREE FIXED MATCHES is no longer a typical practice operator use, you can in some rare cases be lucky. Essentially, what it means is that the operator would grant you not only the potential winnings but also include the stake given for the bet. However, as said, finding operators that include the value of the free stake is almost nonexistent, but not impossible. And you will typically see this type when a major sport event is about to start. And the model usually comes with a very short deadline to claim and turnover. So don’t hold your breath to find a sportsbook operator that always has the option available on site.

Risk-free bet another form of FREE FIXED MATCHES

Another way to use FREE FIXED MATCHES is to utilize a risk-free bet. Which in its birth normally new sportsbook customers got. However, as the sports betting market has completely exploded, you will see this option available across multiple operators. And especially with new betting sites trying to drive traffic. The way it works is that should your bet prove to be a losing one; the operator will return your initial stake. That you then can put back in circulation as a free bet. But, if you should win on the bet the winnings payout as it normally would. Giving you 2 opportunities to get a win from the same stake, hence the name, risk-free bet.

The growing market needs innovation

As previously stated, the sports bonus format has no real limits. Only the creator and its imagination rule the boundaries. And in recent years, some creative ways to promote the option has surfaced. And we have seen such thing as the money-back guarantee if a sporting event finishes oddly, rare outcome, or simply to offer up some fun markets to engage new and old customers. Including in these money-back bets can be things like if your football team hit the goal post or scoring first but not winning etc. Which will refund as a free bonus bet. And as the interest in sports betting is steadily increasing, we are sure to see some fantastic way the operators will have this on offer.

Accumulator insurance works in your favor

An option that borderlines to straight FREE FIXED MATCHES are accumulator insurance, also known as Acca 5 Insurance. Meaning that, if you have a bets slip including a minimum of 5 matches and only 4 of them ends as you predicted you would receive the stake back either partially or to its full amount, or in betting terms, void. This type of FREE FIXED MATCHES is actually very commonly known amongst experienced punters and especial the ones focusing on football. And normally found on big-name sportsbook operator across the UK.


First, of, it’s hard to see any negative straight off the bat with a bet for free. However, you need to look at the big picture before you decide if its service in the best interest for you. Look at your long term plans you have for your betting. Are you a weekend warrior backing your favorite football team to add some more excitement to the game. Then you have to look at the terms and conditions the bonus comes with. For instance, are you going to place another bet within the allotted time period? Plus, are you going to be able to clear the wagering requirement. Or it can simply be the fact that your bet you wish to place doesn’t fall in under minimum odds requirement.


Oppositely are you an adamant sportsbook player placing multiple bets across many markets weekly and daily. If the latter, terms and conditions are usually easily cleared and the option can work in your favor. All in all, it’s not a clear cut case, you simply check each offer out individually and make a judgment if it is beneficial for you to take part in.

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